The Psychophysical Lab – Table of Contents

The Psychophysical Lab

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Practical Explorations
    • Part 1: Explorations for all levels
    • Part 2: Explorations for intermediate and advanced
  4. On the (Physical and Mental) Effects of Yoga Practice

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Managing Effort

4.3 Handling Stress and Facing Difficulties

4.4 Stability, Tolerance and Equanimity

4.5 Balance

4.6 Concentration and Meditation

4.7 Awareness and Sensitivity

4.8 Relaxation

4.9 Persistence, Willpower and Self-Discipline

4.10 Confidence and Courage

4.11 Flexibility and Agility

4.12 Acting Skillfully

4.13 Consideration and Non-Injury (Ahimsa)

4.14 Truthfulness and Sincerity (Satya)

4.15 Joy and Energy

4.16 Observing and Transforming Tendencies

4.17 Extending the Practice beyond the Mat

4.18 Dealing with Light Depression and Down Feeling

4.19 Setting Long Term Goals and a Realistic Sense of Pursuing Them

4.20 Non-Competitiveness

4.21 Final Words (Some general remarks about yoga)

  1. A Philosophical argument and Historical survey of the mind-body relations
  2. Summary

Appendix A. Practice Sequences

  • Building confidence (enliven anxiety)
  • Enhancing emotional balance (coping with irritation)
  • Optimism and joy (brighten light depression)
  • Calming and pacifying (counter hyper-activity)
  • Restoration (recovering from fatigue and exhaustion)


Appendix B. Glossary

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