Read What Students from Novosibirisk (Russia) had Written after Eyal’s June’s workshop


He is a Guru, and everything is balanced and harmonic about him. And despite the translations everything was clear. Physical body understood everything.

And It was incredible to open your body, chest.

It made such an impression!

We liked kumbhaka a lot.

We hope to see him in Novosibirsk again and probably there will be another workshop on kumbhaka.

Thanks a lot, Guru! 


Three days of the Eyal Shifroni’s workshop have passed so fast.

It was absolutely new experience for me.

Thanks Eyal for the new knowledge. My body and conscious transformed into a research laboratory for those three days.


Workshop of Eyal has come to an end.

With huge thanks to Guru for knowledge, for special atmosphere, that brings light of yoga, possibilities to explore yourself, to be in “a laboratory” here and now!

I have these amazing feelings from yoga that brings everyone together. We sing mantra Patanjali and it happens also around the world-we are one international family.

Irina 😊🤗❤

I am still under a deep impression by Eyal, by his practising and his teaching!

Eyal always practices yoga very thoughtfully, deeply, without hurrying, I felt like the place where we are it is Pune, institute, Guruji.

When a man is proffesional and when you observe his work this is magic.

I get an impression that the sequence for personal practice is updated constantly and is also modified by him.

Poses such as standing, back forward, twistings, inversion are completed easily and consciously.

Every day we practiced in a certain sequence and every time it was a new practice. Every time there was something new – this is amazing!

It is surprising how he can build very particular poses, very artfully, without extra instructions, how he can use props for yoga and eventually the pose is light, and it calms you.

I was amazed how simply Eyal can use props for any poses and at the end of the day the pose began to open, to improve.

My best wishes to the Eyal Shifroni and we are looking forward to seeing the teacher again here. 

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  1. Elena
    Elena says:

    It was such a good experience interpreting Eyal at his workshop in Novosibirsk, I am so honored and feel blessed to have had such an opportunity. Surely, I’ve refined my yoga interpreting skills and far more I have learned so many yoga tricks with props, most of them are totally new for me (and I am in yoga since 1997) so I’ve enhanced my yoga teaching expertise (although I am not an Iyengar yoga teacher).
    Highly recommend attending classes/workshops by Eyal Shifroni to everyone all over the globe! (Look forward to such a chance for myself either)


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