A Chair for Yoga vs. The Extended Chair for Yoga

Since the initial publication of his successful book, A Chair for Yoga, Eyal has discovered many new and exciting ways of using the chair for yoga. This new book is an expanded, richer adaptation of the first book.

  • It more than doubles the number of variations, while still keeping the original variations from A Chair for Yoga.
  • It includes more than 600 photos – illustrating how to perform each variation. All the photos were retaken and are in better quality.
  • It contains eight new practice sequences, in addition to the one presented in The Chair for Yoga.
  • For each Variation, there is Level of difficulty and Benefits of using the chair in the presented way.
  • The graphic design is improved significantly making the book easier to use.

There is a lot to explore in this book for both yoga practitioners and yoga teachers. One of the sequences even caters to non-practitioners who may wish to refresh during their office workday.

Those who studied A Chair for Yoga will find here a trove of new ideas for hours of enjoyable yoga practice and exploration of the asanas!

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