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Yoga Q&A’s

As a seasoned teacher I come across some of the same questions time and again. Below are some of those questions followed by my answers and suggestions. I hope you will find these answers helpful in your practice! Do I have to be flexible to practice yoga? Does yoga improve cardio-pulmonary capabilities, or does this […]

The Effects of Yoga (In Short…)

The practice of yoga is special –  yoga has been around for the past 5,000 a years! But what is so special about yoga ? Well, if you look at yoga as merely an exercise method, it’s the most intelligent method . Yoga develops the body in a balanced way – its strengthens both muscles […]

Home Practice Guidelines

Personal practice is the most important part of yoga. In Class  you learn new things, but it is personal practice of yoga that is the essence! Therefore, I strongly recommend establishing your own personal practice routine. You can start with half an hour once a week, then increase to twice a week and add further […]

About Success and Equanimity in Yoga

  There is a gap between the type of values ​​that (consciously or not) we live by in the west, and the qualities that are considered desirable and beneficial in yoga. When rationally observing western culture, we can tell it emphasizes characteristics such as competitiveness, achievement, individualism, consumerism, and the pursuit of material gains even […]

Iyengar: About the Man

Introduction BKS Iyengar (1918 – 2014), is a world renowned authority in yoga of our era. He developed a method of yoga based on the ancient spiritual tradition of classical yoga as well as on the scientific foundations of experimentation, comparison, analysis and rational examination. His method is known as “the Iyengar method” and is […]

A Chair For Yoga – Second Edition is Available

 Coming Soon! Props for Yoga – Eyal’s second guide for practicing with props is due this fall!   A Chair For Yoga – A Guide for Practicing with a Yoga Chair Do you enjoy practicing with props for restoration and recreation? Do you wish to make your asanas (postures) practice richer and more enjoyable? Have you ever […]

Thoughts About Ahimsa

This week we discussed in some of our classes the principle of ahimsa – non-violence, or non- injury. This principle is the beginning of Ashtanga Yoga as it is the first principle of the first element (Yama) of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Presumably, we all want to live violence-free and without harming ourselves or […]