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About Anitya (Impermanence)

From Hebrew: Eleanor Schlesinger The word anitya in Sanskrit means impermanence, passing or transient. In Buddhism, impermanence is one of the three characteristics of reality[1]. Indeed, we all know that things constantly shift and change. In a year’s time, we will not look as we do now; in an hour and even in a minute, […]

Exploring Eyal’s books – Three Online Courses

Online Ondemand Courses featuring Eyal’s books     Eyal recorded 3 online courses that you can download from World-Mastery (a company based in Barcelona that offers online courses with worldwide leading teachers) and have them for a full year for practice and study. The courses cover Eyal’s books: A Chair for Yoga– featuring Eyal’s latest […]

Join the Revolution / Sivan Goldhirsh

We have in yoga a wonderful classification of asanas (poses) that are twists. These poses, when done mindfully, have a refreshing effect on the body and mind. They feel great on the tired muscles of the back, induce mobility in the spine, and have a wringing effect on the inner organs…squeezing out stagnant blood and […]

A Chair for Yoga vs. The Extended Chair for Yoga

Since the initial publication of his successful book, A Chair for Yoga, Eyal has discovered many new and exciting ways of using the chair for yoga. This new book is an expanded, richer adaptation of the first book. It more than doubles the number of variations, while still keeping the original variations from A Chair […]

In Praise of “The Extended Chair for Yoga”

“I love Eyal Shifroni’s new book, The Extended Chair for Yoga! Creative, fun and accessible for practitioners of all levels, this book allows beginners to learn poses with support and stability. Beginner and intermediate practitioners alike can find lightness, integration and access to various key aspects of a pose to inform the classical postures. A worthwhile […]


“Eyal Shifroni is a yoga teacher with extraordinary capabilities in the field of Iyengar yoga. He combines decades of practice and teaching experience with a background as a scientist and university teacher and this combination makes him truly unique. His capacity to break down the techniques so specific for Iyengar yoga and his creativity in […]

What is so special about the practice of asanas?

Everyone who moves deeply into asana practice feels that there is something special about this practice, something that affects our entire being on all levels and brings tremendous joy and contentment. So why don’t other sports and activities have the same effects? One of the reasons is that the practice of asanas involves the performance […]