Black Forest retreat – Registration

Nourishing the Body, Freeing the Mind & Heart:
Mindful Iyengar Yoga and Embodied Insight (Vipassana) Meditation

Before registrating, please please fill this form.

For inquiries about the registration please write to:

For other questions, please write to Eyal:


  • For the yoga and meditation classes: until 1-June 2021 – 340€, after that – 390  
  • For the accommodation and food – between 315€ and 450€ (rooms + meals) according to the type of accommodation: 
  1. Double bedrooms 240€ per person.
  2. Sleeping gallery for 3 people 150€ per person.
  3. Single bedrooms 290€ per person.
  4. Single bedrooms in “Bauwagen” 200€ per person.
  5. Meals 160€ per person.


Register by paying an advance of 250 € to Hollerbühl.

Please send your accommodation preferences and your contact details to  :

You’ll get an invoice to pay to Hollerbühl. Please send to a confirmation of the bank transfer.


Each participant needs to have at least: yoga mat, 3 yoga blankets, 2 blocks and a 2 yoga belts.

It’s possible to rent such a set for 15 from Daniela (from Freiburg), please be in contact with her: Daniela

If possible, bring also a bolster and a few more blankets and your own meditation cushion.


Until 1-July 2021 – a refund of 210 € (40 € is registration fees)

After that, refund of the registration fees is possible only if you find an appropriate person to replace you.


We will be glad to see you!

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