Past Events

Yoga Hike in The Indian Himalayas – April 2014

On April 6-17th we traveled to India for our annual Yoga Hike workshop. 13 happy participants signed up for the adventure which was hosted by Alice and Shalab in Shivanandi River Lodge. We had an incredible time and below are some images and testimonials from the workshop. Hope to have you join us next year…You can view the entire photo album here.


“Eyal, the retreat was a meaningful and special experience for me. I’m grateful for the inviting and encouraging atmosphere you’ve created, and for your wise guidance. You opened a door for me and I hope to have the patience and persistency to make yoga a part of my life. Shalab: you and the place you had built are special, and your hospitality and spirit are something I’ll cherish. Thanks also for the thoughts you shared on life and on India – they broadened my horizons.”



“When I booked to this workshop, 5 months ago I had no doubts. Knowing you I was sure it’s going to be a wonderful and meaningful workshop, But this workshop was beyond my expectations! I guess some experiences can’t be described by words… thank you so much.”


“I’d like to thank Eyal, Shalab and each and every one of you for being there and enabling the great experience I had! I went to my “regular” yoga class this morning and it was really strange to practice only for an hour and a half and without all of you around me… I guess it will take some time to “land”….

Vivy and Eitan:

We would like to join the appreciations and thanks expressed by other people of the group and add that we had wonderful time with all of you, which we enjoyed very much. The special atmosphere created by the group was something special that we shall cherish. We enjoyed very much the Yoga guidance given by Eyal under the special conditions and also the one given by Karin. Shalabh, we want to thank you for your hospitality, kindness and the delicious food you have made. We felt you have done any effort in order to make our stay in your beautiful lodge comfortable. We enjoyed very much the beautiful tracks with you and your kindness walking with us at the back to the group.Hope to see you all again.”

Yifat & Omer:

We would like to join and thanks you all for the special experience. It was exciting and different from what we used to, and we are glad that we join this trip.


“Dear all, it took me a while to settle down after I got back home 3 days ago. And to be honest I think it will take me a lot longer that I thought. Luckily I’ll be able to escape for a 3 days trek on the cliffs of Liguria, between sea and woods. And I’ll think of you all. I loved it all. I was serene and have always been during our days together. It was very precious for me. Eyal and Shalab, each one in his own way, made a good part of that magic possible, I cherished that a lot, and the rest we all did. I want to go back, and of course it would not be the same, but something happened there and I feel quite restless now. I am very happy to have met each one of you. Hope to soon revolution my life and be able to come and visit soon as well.”