Establishing and Structuring Self-Practice

How to Start your Self-Practice at Home

This article was published in IYUK magazine in two parts,  in 2015.

To view Part I of the PDF article version, click here.

To view Part II of the PDF article version, click here.


3 replies
  1. FAY
    FAY says:

    Dear Eyal,
    May I translate this article into Chinese, and share with more practicor?
    I will not use it as business way. only to share and to let more people get benefit from your tips.
    Fay WANG

  2. Eyal Shifroni
    Eyal Shifroni says:

    Yes Fay, sure, go ahead and translate it.
    I hope it’ll do a good service to the yoga practitioners in China!

    • FAY
      FAY says:

      Thank you very much Eyal.
      It DO helped and helping me a lot with my own self-practice. and hope it will help more people in China.
      I will send you a copy of the Chinese edition by email later.


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