Exploring Eyal’s books – Three Online Courses

Online and Live Streaming Courses with World-Mastery

In 2021 Eyal will teach 3 online courses with World-Mastery (a company based in Barcelona that offers online courses with worldwide leading teachers). The courses will cover Eyal’s books:

  • A Chair for Yoga– featuring Eyal’s latest book: The Extended Chair for Yoga – a Comprehensive Guide to Iyengar Yoga Practice with a Chair
  • Props for Yoga– featuring the books: Props for Yoga Vol I – Standing Asanas; Props for Yoga Vol II – Sitting Asanas and Forward Extensions; Props for Yoga Vol III – Inverted Asanas, as well as material from the forthcoming: Props for Yoga Vol IV – Back Bending Asanas and Props for Yoga Vol V – Twists and Pranayama.
  • The Psychophysical Lab– featuring the book: The Psychophysical Lab – Yoga Practice and the Mind-Body Problem

If you want to enhance your practice, or if you are a teacher and want to enrich your teaching – this courses are for you!

Each course offers an in-depth coverage of the above books including five 2-hours sessions, the first and the last of which are live sessions. In the first live session we’ll get to know each other, then you’ll have two weeks to complete the three recorded classes. The last live session will allow for discussion and Q&A. In those two weeks Eyal will be accessible for questions via email.

Eyal will share many practical tips and will also present brand-new usages of props and explorations, which were not covered in the books. You will receive a list of all the variations studied with references to the books for your future home practice.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Eyal and learn how to use props to enhance your practice!

Timing and registration

The live sessions will take place Saturdays 5pm to 7pm GMT in the following dates:

  • A Chair for Yoga: February 13 and February 27
  • Props for Yoga: March 13 and April 3
  • The Psychophysical Lab: April 17 and May 1

More info and registration in World-Mastery site

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