In Praise of “The Extended Chair for Yoga”

“I love Eyal Shifroni’s new book, The Extended Chair for Yoga! Creative, fun and accessible for practitioners of all levels, this book allows beginners to learn poses with support and stability. Beginner and intermediate practitioners alike can find lightness, integration and access to various key aspects of a pose to inform the classical postures. A worthwhile resource in the light of BKS Iyengar’s work. I highly recommend this book. Thank you Eyal for your inspiration!”

Sharoni Fixler 
Co-Director | Calgary Iyengar Yoga

“I Highly recommend this new book that is already in my hands. I have been using A Chair for Yoga for years for my personal practices and for teaching. I find in practice with a chair something very special that the book sheds light on: it takes care of my body and it helps me to deepen my practice and learning.

This new book adds new postures and new variations that I receive with great joy to enrich my practice and teaching, giving me more clarity on new postures as well as new ways for doing different actions.”
Noga Chepelinski 
Director of Iyengar Yoga Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina and translator of Eyal’s books to Spanish
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