Exploring Eyal’s books – Three Online Courses

Online Ondemand Courses featuring Eyal’s books



Eyal recorded 3 online courses that you can download from World-Mastery (a company based in Barcelona that offers online courses with worldwide leading teachers) and have them for a full year for practice and study.

The courses cover Eyal’s books:

  • A Chair for Yoga– featuring Eyal’s latest book: The Extended Chair for Yoga – a Comprehensive Guide to Iyengar Yoga Practice with a Chair
  • Props for Yoga– featuring the books: Props for Yoga Vol I – Standing Asanas; Props for Yoga Vol II – Sitting Asanas and Forward Extensions; Props for Yoga Vol III – Inverted Asanas, as well as material from the forthcoming: Props for Yoga Vol IV – Back Bending Asanas and Props for Yoga Vol V – Twists and Pranayama.
  • The Psychophysical Lab– featuring the book: The Psychophysical Lab – Yoga Practice and the Mind-Body Problem

Each course consistsa of five 2-hours sessions and offers an in-depth coverage of the above books.

If you want to enhance your practice, or if you are a teacher and want to enrich your teaching – this courses are for you!

Eyal shares many practical tips and presents brand-new usages of props and explorations, which are not covered in the books. You will receive a list of all the variations studied with references to the books for your home practice.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to use props to enhance your practice!

Watch a short clip that presents the courses!

More info and registration in World-Mastery site

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