Eyal Shifroni is a yoga teacher with extraordinary capabilities in the field of Iyengar yoga. He combines decades of practice and teaching experience with a background as a scientist and university teacher and this combination makes him truly unique. His capacity to break down the techniques so specific for Iyengar yoga and his creativity in the use of yoga props are very special, and so does his view on yoga philosophy. He has written books that are well received and widely used by students the world over, both on the subject of prop use (Props for Yoga vol. 1, 2 and 3, and A Chair for Yoga) and on the philosophical background of the mind-body problem for which yoga may hold answers (The Psycho-physical Lab). This book especially presents a unique view on yoga combined with Western philosophy, and Eyal can make this tangible in his honest and modest way of teaching. He has done so in our yoga studio to full rooms on 2 previous occasions and I can safely say that he will be able to bring something new to the table wherever he goes“. Hiske van der Meulen – Iyengar Yoga Teacher and owner of iYoga, Utrecht, Netherlands


Eyal is a very senior Iyengar Yoga teacher who has made a great contribution to the yoga community in large through the many books that he has written in which he so generously shares decades of his teaching notes and experience with everyone.

He is an extraordinary teacher who does this sharing with humility and compassion. Those who are fortunate to learn with him come away with a deeper and fuller understanding of their yoga practice“. Nancy Gardosh – Iyengar Yoga teacher, Givatayim, Israel


I had the honor to meet and have classes with Eyal Shifroni. He is an excellent yoga teacher, known all over the world for his books and his teachings, something unique. Eyal has an extraordinary capability as an Iyengar yoga teacher renown to be precise and creative on his teachings, he also knows so many ways to use the props on the practice of Yoga. I highly recommend his classes to everyone interested in Yoga“. Silvio Nunes – Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, Studio Akasha, Salvador, Brasil


“Eyal Shifroni is a world-renowned Iyengar yoga teacher, practitioner and author. His creative and innovative work with yoga props is highly acclaimed by yoga practitioners and teachers of the Iyengar tradition. Eyal taught a  seminar at our yoga center in 2018 and practitioners and teachers from across the country came to  study with him. The  seminar was very well received and successful”, Sharoni Fixler  – Iyengar Yoga teacher,  founder and director of Calgary Iyengar Yoga, Canada


It is with much enthusiasm that I highly recommend Eyal Shifroni, for any kind of work, job or classes in any place around the world. He has taught Iyengar, one of the most practiced methods in the world today, since 1985 and he practiced Yoga since 1978. He is a very special and dedicated teacher and also a very disciplined, sincere and full of true knowledge and strong practice.

Eyal was my instructor for a couple of times in classes I took around the world. In these classes, Eyal displayed a very high level of maturity, creativity, clarity, respect and enthusiasm. He is one of those memorable teachers and I sure he can spread yoga and joy for lots of people.

His writing and research talents are also fantastic! “.  Isabela Guglielmetti de Carvalho – Iyengar Yoga Certified Teacher , Pinheiros, Brasil


I very much enjoyed the workshop and it was very generous of you to donate all the proceeds, so glad I could participate. Using 2 bricks for shoulder stand was also very helpful for me because i typically struggle to get the position correct on foams blocks or bolsters“. Vanita Kara, London, UK, a student that participated in a workshop whose proceeds were donated to Physicians for Human Rights (PHR).


I am an Italian Iyengar Yoga teacher, living in Paris. I very much appreciate the work you do on props and all your books guide me on my own practice and teaching since many years now“.  Valeria Free  – The manager of the Iyengar Yoga Center in Paris, France

I discovered Iyengar yoga in my mid 60’s and am now 73 so it has been a steep learning curve for me. The adaptations with the chair that I learned this weekend were very helpful in getting deeper into the poses. I live in a small community in BC Canada and the closest Iyengar studio is an hours drive away and so I am not able to attend regular classes. The Zoom classes currently being offered because of Covid have allowed me to deepen my learning of Iyengar yoga and I feel very grateful for this“. Lesley Field, Canada – participated in an online workshop given by Eyal


I am enjoying so much having classes with Eyal on Tuesday that I wish I could do classes with him more than once a week“. VIctoria Kuenerz, Boston, USA


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