The Psychophysical Lab

 Yoga Practice and the Mind-Body Problem

Prof. Ohad Nachtomy & Dr. Eyal Shifroni

The book is unique in offering a comprehensive framework – both practical and theoretical –  for investigating and developing our nature as psychophysical unities.

Eyal Shifroni PhD (Technion, Israel), is a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher and the author of four books: A Chair for Yoga and Props For Yoga, Volumes I, II, and III.

Ohad Nachtomy PhD (Columbia University, NY) is a Professor of Philosophy at Bar-Ilan University and a long time yoga practitioner. He published several books (with Oxford University Press and Springer) and many articles in the history of philosophy and science.

The book offers a comprehensive framework – both practical and theoretical – for investigating and developing our nature as humans, that is, as psychophysical unities. Chapter 1 establishes a practical framework, the ‘psychophysical lab’, as a means of observing, studying and developing the relations between mental and physical aspects of human nature through yoga practice; Chapter 2 shows how yoga practice can foster a mutual development of our mental and physical faculties. Chapter 3 offers a philosophical and historical analysis of the mind–body problem – its origin, development, and possible solution. In Chapter 4, the authors recommend practice sequences with marked mental benefits. …read more